Fine art portraits are some of our biggest commissions due to the fact that they are a wonderful way to capture someone.

Back in the day’s before just about every person had a camera to capture our portrait -usually in selfie form now- there were people who could use paints and paper or material to capture your likeness. This was expensive, but of course the royal family’s all over the world had to be immortalized so future generations would see how great they were. And, as the royal’s could do it, the super wealthy started getting their portraits painted to, so as they could show of their wealth and prestige. For hundreds of years only the wealthy and famous were captured for posterity. Due to this exclusivity, portraits were put in the realm of unattainable for the vast majority of people.

Thankfully times have changed and art supplies are readily available to the general public. You now no longer need to be a member of the super elite to have a beautiful fine art portrait painted or drawn of you or your loved one’s or even your pet.

We can, of course, take a photo and get it enlarged to hang on a wall, but still, even now, in this digital age, there is something extra special about having a painting or drawing done. We, at Hanlon Art Works believe that it is the passion, time and care that the artist puts into their work that makes the portrait that much more meaningful. After all it only takes a second to take a photo, but a beautiful portrait takes hours and hours of painstaking work. This guarantees that the recipient knows just how much you truly love and think of them.

We offer fine art portraits in pencil, charcoal, pastels and paint. From the size of a coaster to over 3ft. Any size can be catered for, along with most materials from paper to wood to canvas an even rock if you so desire. We are only limited by our imagination. We will do our best to make sure that no matter your budget, whether it’s €75 or €7500 we will make sure you get the right portrait for you.

As every single portrait is unique, each and every single quote will be unique to. Our pricing reflects how the portrait it is to be done, the size and what or how many subjects will be in it and the shipping costs.

Although Hanlon Art Works is based in County Longford, Ireland. We have worked with international clients all over the world and they have received their portraits in perfect condition. We look forward to talking through all your requirements with you to ensure that you receive a truly beautiful fine art portrait.

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