Longford Lights Festival 2023

In 2022 we were approached by Shane Crossan a member of Longford County Council’s Art department and asked if we’d like to be apart of the 2023 Longford Lights Festival.  Fast forward to January 2023 when we got together with a group of other artists under the tutelage of Tom Meskell, Michelle Dafaur and Caroline Conway. So after learning everything we all could from these fantastic artists we ran workshops with lots of schools and community groups to create some of the beautiful lantern pieces and window displays for the festival.  Kevin also shadowed Se Purcell, owner of Black Powder Monkeys when they were creating stunning fire drawings learning all that he could from the master of fire.

RTE News: Six One reported on the Longford Lights Festival showing the amazing amount of work done by all of the artists that ere involved and Hanlon Artworks, Kevin Hanlon and Stephanie Hanlon, were more than honored to be apart of this fantastic artistic weekend.