Special Effects Makeup of an exposed brain

Our Special Effects Makeup started from face painting. It progressed from very simple face painting to more elaborate face painting and on to complete transformations. When we were turning a face into the face of a husky or snow leopard we started to wonder what else we could do.

With that in mind we started to look into SFX makeup. We learned what the difference between face paint and Special Effects makeup are. We began by looking into what the best brands were and how they were used and applied. For several years we have been increasing our SFX makeup portfolio. From our first time of doing a simple knife wound to now doing full face transformations and making some types of prosthetic’s Hanlon art Works is growing in this particular area.

This area is very popular at Halloween and with that we find ourselves inordinately busy over this time. A lot of people have used us for their Halloween parties and have been extremely happy with the reactions that they received. Our most popular is the partial Zombie. Why partial? well SFX makeup is very time consuming and a full facial transformation can take several hours and most people just don’t have that sort of time.

Our pricing on our SFX would start at €20 for a small wound up to, well, the sky’s the limit and the sky is limited only by your own imagination. Take a look at our SFX album in our gallery and feel free to contact us about any queries that you have.

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